9 Jan 2019

Let's start over...

Pardon the theatrics, but would you expect any less from me?
When I was offered the job down in London, it all happened very quickly. I didn't really have the time to think about it or process what was about to happen. I was so caught up in the stress of where I was going to live, packing my cosy little house into boxes again, and saying goodbye for now to all of my friends, that it never occurred to me that actually, my entire adult life as I've known it was about to change drastically.
When I first moved to Manchester in 2012, it was for university. I used to visit my hometown at least once a month and I'd even spend the summer and Christmas breaks back there too, so it never seemed permanent. When I headed to Australia, again, this was never going to be for longer than 2 years and I was travelling with like-minded strangers. I think this is why it seemed like such a bigger deal to be headed down the M1 to London than it did to fly across the globe alone at 22 years old to Sydney.

When I was sat in Manchester feeling sad, anxious and excited all at once about leaving everyone and everything behind, a friend of mine said to me "Raven, you're going to love it, honestly." And I just simply didn't believe it, I didn't want to believe it. I'd even had a stern word with myself that I'd go through with it all as the opportunity was far too good to pass up, but if I didn't like the city, which I was sure I wouldn't, then I could always come back. I was so worried that the comfort blanket I'd established up North was going to be ripped away and I'd find myself in a terrible place again. But how wrong I was! I really had no reason to be worried at all. 

Now when I actually sit and think about the fact that i'm settled in London, I'm pretty f*cking chuffed with myself to be honest. I never saw this coming, I honestly thought I was settled in Manchester. I was happy with every aspect of my life apart from my career. So whilst being signed off as "unfit for work" by my GP, I applied for this job, and it's probably saved my life. I've started a career, I've met so many incredible people and have rekindled old friendships, too. I'm experiencing a social scene like I've never known before and dating? Well, that's a whoooooole new kettle of fish I tell you!

I'm truly so shocked by how well I've taken the move in my stride and am honestly loving it. I've rediscovered a confidence in myself and my ability which I haven't seen since my school days. I really feel like I can be myself down here and it's the biggest relief in the world.

Manchester will of course always feel like home to me, it would be strange not to after 6 years, but for now, London has my heart.

Just Write About It.
Raven Twigg 

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