12 May 2018

Sh*t, Am I Now An Adult?

So I'm nearing my twenty-fourth birthday and I've started noticing some unwanted changes to my life. Whether that's the DEATHLY hangovers I now have, my early nights or that my idea of fun is cleaning the house... Things are changing. Rapidly. If you've clicked onto this and you're older than 24 don't approach this as 'Pfft, you're still so young!' Think of it as a more, 'Ah yeah, I remember when that happened...' Because my Gosh, you guys weren't kidding when you said hangovers get worse with age.

Here's a list of things I now endure/am/do...
  • I have become an absolute lightweight and I just cannot  function for two days minimum after I've put in a session. This, for me, is not at all ideal. 70% of my social life revolves around getting white-gal-wasted so to be honest its a bit of an inconvenience. But i'm learning, i'm dealing with it.
  • And on the flip side of that, I unashamedly go to bed at 9PM because I'm genuinely so tired that I think that's an acceptable time to retire to my abode. I just can't hack it.
  • Making decisions not to go out on a ‘school night’ because work would be hell in the morning. No exaggeration, HELL. 
  • Choosing a bottle of wine over a bottle of vodka for pre-drinks. But only rosé or white with lemonade obviously, i'm not quite old enough for red yet. Don't completely write me off.
  • I now wake BEFORE my alarm so I actually sit waiting for it to go off so that I can get up rather than snoozing it for an hour... This I just cannot get my head around.
  • So I now wake up at 7AM every day, EVEN on the weekends. Who knew that was an actual thing? Kids, enjoy sleeping all day every day because they'll be a time when even if you want to, being an adult means it's no longer possible.
  • My main conversation topic revolves around work. Or the soaps. No shame here, and I enjoy it.
  • So I now have a real adult skincare routine. Wash, exfoliate, and all that boll*cks yeah, if I miss that I look like the bags under my eyes could carry your food shop for you so it's vital it happens daily.
  • I occasionally choose the hour walk to work because I'm a lazy little oik and I don’t get enough exercise. Who knew you could gain weight SO QUICKLY? All those "It'll catch up with ya!" comments were annoyingly true.
  • A large number of my friends now have children, a mortgage and a fiance/husband. We're 24 for Christ sake, is this what's expected of me now? Because I ain't sure on a fave flavour of crisps regardless of who I wanna spend the rest of my life with... Don't make me!
  • Weddings are the new in-thing apparently and my God what drama they cause. You'll find me at the bar with the other singles making you regret you ever invited me...
  • I’d rather spend money on things like candles and cushions than clothing. It's true! I'm a sucker for a good Yankee.
  • I don’t understand the new Snapchat update and have had to delete it. I'm over it. Bye.
  • I often willingly choose to spend my one day off a week by cleaning the house. And having that sense of relief once I've done it is admittedly, bloody blissful.
  • I had to show a teenage customer at work how to use a landline phone. This. This I have no words for to be quite frank.
  • I now have to make plans to see friends months in advance. Who knew we'd all grow up and have lives?
  • I don't have a clue with what on Earth I'm doing weekly without my diary at hand. I can't remember anything anymore! I actually can't go anywhere without it.
Is it time I got out the anti-wrinkle cream and admit my fate?
I might as well embrace it, right?

Just Write About It.
Raven Twigg

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