25 Mar 2018

A sober stroll through Market St

Leaving work just scarce of midnight,
Deliveroo bikers are speeding past, causing a fright,
"Can you spare any change love, I’ll sing you a song?"
"Sorry mate not tonight" - it always feels so wrong.

Testosterone levels are hitting new highs,
I spot a group ahead of me, all good-looking guys,
Billy big bollocks over there is playing chicken with the trams - 
“what you beeping at me for?I’m invincible fam!”
I roll my eyes in disgust and my head goes down, 
I just want to get home and away from these clowns.

The homeless are sleeping rough once again,
But this Friday there's good Samaritans stopping for a chinwag - even if they are all drunken men.
Pitching tents outside of WHSmiths,
While Dave the lad plays football with an empty bottle - yeah, he’s that pissed.
"Yeah mate, go on! Aim for the bin! Waheyyy you missed”

Drunken gals making the entirety of the cobbles in their 6 inch heels,
Honestly, that itself is a medal-worthy ordeal,
I give them the nod of appreciation as they reach the other side,
"This way girls!" there's always that one who's the guide.

It's an eye-opener for sure,
a unique experience to say the least,
still, it all seems a little tame compared to my home in the East.

Piccadilly Gardens, 2015.

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