29 Nov 2017

FUNemployment & Job Hunting

I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in July 2015, yet to apply for most graduate scheme jobs you have to have graduated in the past 12 months...eh? Have I passed my expiry date like a bottle of skimmed milk?

The WORST thing about university is the aftermath. Some, like me, graduate and start flapping about beginning adulthood, so we hop on some planes, trains and automobiles and globetrot for a short while yet upon our return we're faced with the "what now?" question? The million dollar question... what on Earth do we do now?

I've gained experience in an array of different positions all over the world, lived in two foreign countries on the opposite side of the sphere yet actually I don't have quite enough experience for, well... anything.

Picking raspberries was not a highlight
of my working life.
I must have applied to at least 30 jobs in the past month and although i'm keeping my head above water (or actually drowning in my Halifax overdraft) with a casual contract at SMG Europe, where I worked as student, it simply isn't enough to sustain my need for a social life and to have a roof over my head. I had to sell my car to top my overdraft back up and now, well, i'm stuck in it again. Paying daily fees for being so under-experienced.

Trouble is, if no one is willing to hire me, then how on God's Earth am I able to gain experience? I've written about myself so much in the past 28 days that I genuinely address myself in the third person. "Raven is punctual, professional and bloody p*ssed off!"

And recruitment agencies? They're telling me to make myself fully available for the whole of next month (meaning missing out on any form of income with the Arena) so that they can find me a job. 4 days before the 1st December, they call me to say do I want to fill a ONE DAY position? Why on Earth would I sacrifice a potential income with my current casual position for one day? So that bridge has been burnt.

So long story short, no matter whether you've got a degree or not, unless you've been able to gain a solid amount of experience in one particular area, or you're settling for something which you know you can do better than, generating a £35,000 debt all for a piece of paper, probably isn't worth it.

Correct me if i'm wrong, or let me know if you're going through a similar situation. Because it'd be lovely to know i'm not the only 23 year old who's passed her expiry date.

Raven Twigg
Just Write About It.

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