10 Jul 2017

I deleted Facebook, and the world didn't end.

My work is evolved around social media.
One day, I was in one of my low moods, more common since I've returned back home from my travels, and I just couldn't deal with seeing half of my news feed still travelling. It made me so depressed and jealous that I just deleted Facebook to see if it might affect my moods and restless nights in any way at all. I'd lived without constant access to social media when I spent a summer working in Connecticut, USA and so I was convinced I wouldn't struggle going without.

DAY ONE - I woke up the morning after my slumber and realised what I'd done. Only because I went to click the App on my iPhone home screen and noticed it wasn't there anymore. I then scrolled through Instagram, and Snapchat... even Twitter and to be honest it wasn't the same. For a split second I actually considered just reactivating my account until I thought, why? I don't even NEED Facebook in my life. And so I'm left pondering, what do people do without Facebook in their lives? What a truly sad reality.

DAY TWO - By the second day I had realised that I was actually able to get to sleep much earlier than usual. Usually I'm tossing and turning and picking up my phone until around 2am, I was fast off by 11pm. I will admit, on day two I did struggle without Facebook because I was back to work which is hugely involved with social media. I had to log onto my mum's Facebook in order to manage the business' Facebook page. 

DAY THREE - I had quickly gotten used to just scrolling through Instagram and it ending there. I'm able to sleep much easier and am feeling much better about not travelling at the moment because I can't see friends of mine still exploring the world. The sense of jealousy and longing to be elsewhere had died down and I actually couldn't believe the difference in just 3 days.

DAY FOUR - By the fourth day, I was completely over it really. The only thing I found difficult is wanting to speak to my friends in different countries and I'm not able to because I've also deleted Facebook messenger too. Whats App tends to not be an international thing and so I found myself using Instagram messenger. You'd think I'd replaced my Facebook obsession with Instagram, but actually, I wasn't as interested in social media at all by this stage.

DAY FIVE - My experiment was cut short when the devastating Manchester Arena terror attack occurred. Watching the harrowing event through Twitter narratives, I was desperate to see whether my old colleagues who still work there were OK and I couldn't fight the urge and re-activated my Facebook account.

SUMMARY - Deactivating Facebook definitely 100% aided me with my sleeping patterns. I was able to sleep undisturbed and much earlier than I would normally. I wasn't envious of all of my friends still travelling and so I was able to concentrate on where I am rather than where I am not. However I did have this huge yearning to know what was going on. After a while it didn't bother me, yet socially I felt as though I would have suffered in the long term. I'm convinced that Facebook's negatives are definitely counter-acted with the positives. I'm able to stay in touch with people all over the world, take an interest in their lives and organise group events in one place. When in small doses, Facebook is a good thing. I just need to learn when to lock my phone in a draw on a night time.

Try it yourself! I was pleasantly surprised.

Just Write About It.
Raven Twigg

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