20 Apr 2017

Living in Australia teaches you...

After living in Australia for 10 months I've learned..
Indian Head, Fraser Island.
  1. Everything is shortened with an 'o' e.g. Arvo = afternoon. Avo = avocado. Smoko = a break. Bottleo = bottle shop.
  2. Australian men (from my experience) are very strange. They're very full-on and mostly rude in conversation.
  3. I'd rather come across a snake than a spider.
  4. Huntsman spiders can jump the length of a football pitch (slight exaggeration but it's scary).
  5. Goon is the devil.
  6. Running over a Kangaroo corpse IS NOT YOUR FAULT.
  7. It's very rare to see a Koala in the wild.
  8. It's so hard to get a pint of anything from anywhere. A schooner or a midi just doesn't compensate.
  9. Australia actually gets cold in the winter, I was shocked that I had to invest in a coat.
  10. Australia actually gets SCORCHING HOT in the summer. Seriously, at 8pm it was 31 degrees in January.  It's bloody hot.
  11. Because of the heat, nobody lives in the middle of the country but instead everyone settled along the coasts.
  12. This also explains why the whole of Australia has under half of the population of England alone. 
  13. They like to say things how they see it for example one of the most dangerous snakes is called 'the brown snake' because it's brown and a snake. 
  14. And there's a strange obsession with making large things and creating a tourist stop (The Big Banana, The Big Shrimp, The Big Pineapple...) 
  15. There are as many Brit's as Australian's, or so it seems.
  16. A 3 hour drive to the next big town is actually not far at all.
  17. Sydney is very uphill.
  18. Lock-out laws are no joke and we should be very grateful they don't exist in the UK.
  19. If you haven't bought your alcohol before 9/10pm chances are you're missing out that night.
  20. Backpacker hostels are absolute gold mines and will take you for every dollar you have.
  21. Bush turkeys are also the devil.
  22. The pay-rate is soooo much higher than it is in England, to accommodate the cost of living of course.
  23. Australia still tends to have a lot of rather sexist and racist attitudes.
  24. People are very blasé about substance abuse, like its ok for kids to be on "ice". 
  25. There are birds which sound like laughing monkeys, they're called the Kookaburra. 
    Emerald Beach, NSW.
  26. Magpies can and will attack you.
  27. Everything is "too easy" or "no drama".
  28. Clothes are a third of the price of clothes here in England.
  29. Australia has very few Starbucks stores, unlike cities in the UK where you find them on every other corner.
  30. Every pub has a breathalyzer machine to see whether you can drive home or not, and generally has a seperate gambling room for arcade games and "slotties" which we find in the UK by the seaside.

Australia and Australians seem to have this laid back vibe about them which is extremely attractive in a country. It never feels as though you're putting anyone out of their way and everyone's happy to help. 
England, we can learn from this for sure.

Just Write About It.
Raven Twigg

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