1 Mar 2017

Bugger it! Let's go to Bali.

After living and working in Coffs Harbour, Australia for 5 months we decided that we were way overdue a holiday. I know this may sound strange to those currently living amongst the -14 degrees frostbite in certain parts of England, but raspberry picking is exhausting and we were well overdue some VIP treatment.
We had to wait around until we sold our 15 year old Ford Falcon Forte until we could book our flights. Because of the last minute booking, I was well aware that our flights would cost more than the average Joe, yet I was more than happy to pay the price if it meant getting away from the farm life for a while. 
We took a 9 hour train from Coffs Harbour to Sydney Central costing $66 each. This genuinely isn't as bad as it sounds. There's a bar and cafe style food, and the seats are as spacious as economy on an Ethiad flight. Although it is bloody freezing so do take a jumper on board...
We stayed over at a friend's in Mascot overnight and were up bright and breezy for our 10AM flight with Garuda Indonesia Airlines the following morning.
The check-in and security checks were rather smooth. I was obviously told to stand aside for an extra check, as usual, and other than that we had no further delays. In fact, we were boarded and seated by 9.40AM.
When entering the aircraft we had a brief walk through how the other half live in first class. Reclining seats so that you were practically lying down, yeah that looked like a pretty good deal in comparison to our upright seats, but it's ok. Picking raspberries just simply doesn't pay THAT much.
Greeted with a traditional Anjali Mudra (the Union of the hands in a pray-like stance and a brief nod) by all of the Indonesian flight attendants. It was a pleasant change from "how you going?" A traditional Australian greeting... 
Handed a pillow and blanket for our 6 hour flight. This was a bloody delight because the air con was not something we were used to in the past 5 months in a working hostel, despite the 40 degree heat. 
Entertainment was also provided, but this was not the usual brand spanking new movies you're familiar with on a plane. But rather an assortment of random films from the past and reasonably present. I mean, they had The BFG and the animated Anastasia which  I could not contain my excitement for. I absolutely LOVE Anastasia and had no shame in watching that.
As we were seated we were handed a bottle of water and then just 30 minutes into the flight we are brought flight socks, ear plus and an eye mask. 3 ingredients I immediately indulged in before my 2 hour nap.
Shortly afterwards we are brought a food and drinks menu and offered a drink and a bag of nuts. 
Winning the lottery with a window seat, it becomes clear to see how England has a higher population of people than Australia despite it's vast size. As we fly over the middle of  the country there is masses and masses of red land and nothingness. Literally, not even a road. Just desert. 
Of course there's no vegetarian option (later discovered on our return flight that this is simply something which isn't available on non-domestic flights)... so we're given an extra bread bun to compensate... Surprisingly I didn't complain. I must have emptied out my complaints department in my 5 months in a shitty hostel in Aus.
3 hours passed, and I suddenly became very aware of an overly drunk Australian fella who had a little bit too much 'fun'. His voice became louder and louder and it was no longer funny to see him play musical chairs on the plane. Now he had become emotional and aggressive with his friend. He was in a group of 12 yet only one of his friends would admit to being with him and attempted to calm him down, but even after his efforts he was very unsuccessful. In fact it wasn't long until 5 men had to restrain him with 6 human cable ties around his arms  and a further 3 around his legs to stop him from strangling his apparent "friend".
Amongst many other things, his favourite was to repeat "I'm gonna kill all of you c*nts, don't worry about it, you're all dead men walking". It was so embarrassing that we were paying to enter a country who had chosen representatives to greet us with calmness and yet this hurricane was demolishing the excitement of the entire plane. Just two rows behind the drama, lots of people became unnerved and I must admit I found it rather terrifying that this huge guy was threatening to murder everyone on the plane. Luckily for us, after being kept longer than other passengers as we weren't allowed to walk passed him, Indonesian police were there to welcome him into their country and carried him off the plane like a piece of Australian meat. He was heading somewhere I certainly would not pay for.
Despite the drama, the tone was heightened when the border control at Denpasar gave me the passport stamp I had been oh so desperate for since missing out on every single place I've travelled to, ever.
Once we had collected our luggage (my backpack now black in colour rather than red from the dirt of the plane), we entered a field I can only imagine a celeb encounters during a red carpet event. Dozens and dozens of badly printed A4 sheets of paper with people's names on waiting to collect them and take them to their accommodations of choice. 
After all of the drama and chaos, we were greeted by our Mr Man and headed to our hotel, finally.
We were excited to finally start our Indonesian adventure. 

-Just Write About It.
Raven Twigg.

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