1 Aug 2016

Submerged in Travel Limbo

Watsons Bay

We all know that stage when you've had the absolute time of your life, you've spent ALL of your hard-earned cash quicker than you had anticipated and you need to get money quick so you can carry on being the 2016 Jack Kerouac.
Now, I was extremely lucky. When my East Coast Australia trip was drawing to an end, I spent one solid day in Peter Pans in Cairns applying to every job I thought suited my abilities, as a human being and not as a backpacker, I found this way, companies immediately respected your choice to apply for a job a backpacker wouldn't usually. (You know the kind, the whole bar tending scene, cold-calling call centres etc...).
Within less than 24 hours back of flying back to Sydney, I'd landed a trial as an Office Assistant/newsletter writer in the CBD. Six weeks later, I haven't left. However, it's extremely easy to get caught up in the working scene again. Six weeks later, I haven't managed to save a cent towards my travels as I am living my life as I would at home. I work 9-5 Monday - Friday, I go for happy hour drinks on a Friday and don't leave until I'm already $100 down.
The only thing I can recommend, in order to not make the silly mistakes I have, is to remind yourself every now and then why you're where you are. I took a trip to North Byron to a music festival called Splendour in the Grass. Camping, using shit showers and living out of a backpack reminded me of all the good things about a raw experience.
A week after being back in Sydney I decided it was time to see all that Sydney has to offer and took a ferry trip to Watsons Bay and explored a little. Subtle moments where you have to take it all in, pinch yourself and so "Fuck, I'm actually here. This is actually my life." Are the moments you need to carry on, push through and forget how exhausted you are after a week at the office.

Just Write About It.
Raven Twigg

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