22 May 2016

Blue Mountains, Three Sisters and Hungry Kookaburra's.

Whilst scrolling through the Sydney Backpackers Facebook Page I came across a guy offering lifts to and from the Blue Mountains and Three Sisters for just $15. After watching Wolf Creek the week before you can imagine how sceptical we were when it came to the morning we were leaving.
It was a struggling 6AM start to catch the train from Sydney Central to Hornsby to meet the rest of the group for 8AM. It's only a 45 minute journey costing $3.66, the one thing which is reasonably priced in Australia is their public transport.
Arriving early, we anxiously waited and checked in on Facebook in case anything was to go wrong. But it turns out we were actually being very silly and the whole trip was so worth it. The guy who organised the trip is named Coden. He too has been a traveller and was sick of backpackers being ripped off by overpriced tour companies and so Coden's Bus was born. Genuinely doing it for the passion of each trip, at a small cost Coden usually organises overnight trips along the Gold Coast & Byron Bay. It was just by chance that he was in Sydney for the weekend.

We met the other guys at the minibus outside of the train station and began to drive to the Blue Mountains, it took around 1 hour and a half. We shared travel stories, was educated on prime Australian knowledge, and prepared for the trek ahead.
Once we arrived we soon realised how high it truly was... technically 4,469ft height and 1,362m.
We then began our 2 hour descent towards the bottom, seeing some incredible sights with plenty of amazing photo opportunities (if you're daring enough to hang over a cliff). Getting down is easy, it's getting back up. I was, of course, the last. For some reason I really struggle with my breathing at high altitudes, I almost feel panick-attacky. But I did it with few complaints, partly because I couldn't breathe but hey ho. Maybe I'll lay off the crisps, hey? I'll warn you, it's hard. Don't be hungover, hungry or thirsty. You need to be in a fit-fresh shape before starting the hike. If I can do it with torn ligaments in my foot then anyone can.

After the 4-5 hour trek, we were back at the top of the mountain on flat ground, and got the blankets out whilst we prepared a bbq. I have veggie patties whilst the others had beef burgers and sausages. We were surrounded by the local habitants, Kookaburra's and Magpies. So the guys decided to show us how they like to swoop down and take your food, this kept us occupied for a while before the cold temperature became overwhelming and we decided to head back to the bus. We wrapped up in sleeping bags in a desperate attempt to warm up quickly before our short drive to Three Sisters. Only 10 minutes away from the Blue Mountains, Three Sisters was much busier. It was full of tourists (like us) and it's basically just one huge look out onto the incredible view before you.

Our next stop once getting back to the bus was to a bottle shop, where Coden bought a crate of beer and treated us to one each.
So for $15 there and back, inclusive of a bbq which accommodated for Vegetarians, even Etihad Airways don't do that... And a beer each for the hazy drive back to Hornsby.

The Blue Mountains are a must-see but you really need to be prepared for the hike. It turns out there are different fitness levels of tracks you can take, and of course ours was considered hard. There were moments when I thought "I wonder what would happen if I just layed here... Would they find me?" But anyway, I didn't give up! And I have some amazing photographs which will last a life time.

Raven Twigg
Just Write About It.

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