18 Apr 2016

From my hometown.

As I make the short train journey from Cleethorpes to Chesterfield, I soak up the British countryside views and suddenly it occurs to me. This is it. Give it another few weeks and I'll be out of here. With Taylor Swift in my earphones narrating the movie-like scenes, I can't help but feel it's bitter-sweet. I love travelling and meeting new people, but I feel slightly selfish that I just walk in and out of my home-friends lives. And I just expect them to welcome me with warming arms each time I return with these incredible stories to share which make me feel like I'm bragging. But I'm not, I just want the people in my life to hear about what the world has to offer, and surprisingly it's a lot more than what Grimsby holds. Many friends I've lost, grown apart from and had disagreements with. But the few that remain at home I truly appreciate. During the 12 months to 2 years which I'm planning to be away for, their lives are going to take massive turns. Some will become mothers, others mortgage owners, and potentially someone's wife, and where will I be? Seeing what the world has to offer. As I'm just not ready yet. I'm not ready to live to pay the electric bills, take the kids to school or for my nights out to turn into trips to Tesco for a food shopping spree.
I don't know how to comprehend to those with no desire to travel how amazing it really is. I struggle to discuss my experiences and my hunger for adventure to those who aren't likeminded as it sounds like a brag. But it's not about bragging. It's about sharing. Sharing how gorgeous certain places I've visited are, how we got lost around the lakes of Connecticut or how I climbed 771ft in Budapest to see the Citadell. Those people are the same people who say "ooh I couldn't do it, you're so brave". Why not? Why can't anyone just jump on a plane to somewhere they've always wanted to go and enjoy it? Walking down the street alone in Cleethorpes or Manchester isn't any different to walking down the street alone in Budapest or in Sydney.
 It's amazing what you can learn about yourself when you're no longer surrounded by familiar visuals or family and friends who helped to mould you into you. It's crazy. It's incredible. The world is incredible. Go and see it. Go out and do it! Because the world won't come to you. But always stay grounded.
Love from GY.

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