27 Apr 2016

Common reactions to travelling solo.

For some reason the thought of people travelling solo terrifies them. Which I find bizarre. Whenever I tell acquaintances of my travel plans, I normally get some rather shocked expressions, as though it is completely taboo. 

Here's a round up of the most common ridiculous responses I've received.

 1. "Wait, you're going on your own?"
This is thrown at me as though it is absolutely unheard of for someone to pack up and leave on their own accord. Maybe the 'appropriate' criteria is to go with your beloved other half, but since I can't stand the thought of someone holding me back, yes. I am going on my own and I cannot wait!

2."Aren't you scared?"
Of what? Me walking alone down the street in Sydney or Canberra is no different to me walking down the street alone in Cleethorpes or Manchester. Erm, so nope not scared.

3. "Do you already have a job and everything then?"
Nope, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

4. "Ooh I couldn't do that, you've gotta be brave to do that. Wouldn't you miss home?"
My dogs, my family and my friends yes of course. But home as in, Grimsby? No surprisingly I won't miss that. 

5. "I don't know how you can afford it?" 
Well, I can assure you I don't get paid with golden eggs however if you work your arse off and save, save, save. ANYONE can afford it! You just have to make sacrifices but always know that what you're sacrificing it for will always be so much more rewarding.

6. "What are you going to do for work?"
The same as what I'd do in the UK if I was out of work... Look for work?

7. "Do you already know people?"
Regardless as to whether I do, you meet people anywhere you go. Surprisingly I'm not the first person on Earth to leave for a solo trip.

8. "Have you got a place to stay?" 

9. "How are you going to take pictures on your own?"
Erm, with my arms and hands. 

10. "Won't your family miss you?"
Of course... But you can't live life for others. 

Go out and do it.

Just Write About It
Raven Twigg

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