7 Feb 2016

Tala has a boyfriend!

Just 10 days apart in age, Blaze towers over little Tala. But it's clear to see they love each other. They mostly play and sleep all day. Blaze is a very shy boy compared to our boisterous Luna and Tala however he is coming out of his shell slowly and beginning to warm to his surroundings. He is very wary around men for some strange reason but is getting better. I suspect due to his early life being lived in outdoor kennels however he loves the other dogs. They have both met a toddler and a baby and despite Tala being very excited to have a human her size to play with, Blaze was so well behaved. Our old girl, Fudge loves him but isn't afraid to tell him who's boss if he starts to get a bit too excited when he's playing. She is definitely still the alpha of the pack. Despite Luna adamantly trying to alter that, she always surrenders. They don't fight properly, it is playful however it does sometimes look a bit rough. You just have to let them battle and let them sort each other out alone. But back to Blaze. His paws are already bigger than our 13 month and 13 year old dogs, so it's quite clear to see how huge he truly is going to be. The plan is to make him into a stud and breed them. He has 5 lines of pedigree before him and so a strong breeding gene. He's lovely and soft. I can't to watch them grow up together! THEY ARE SO CUTE! 

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