28 Feb 2016

Learning the backpacking ways.


It's just 69 days until I jet set across the world and find myself in Sydney, Australia to begin my life of travel and as a backpacker. Rather than panicking over how and where I'm going to live, my biggest concern has been how the hell do you pack for potentially 2 years away from home? In a discussion with someone in the same boat, I had established in my head that a 70L bag looks way too small and there would be no way I could fit my life into one. How wrong I could have been. I started looking at 80L backpacks online and decided that my only option would be to go into my local town shopping centre and try some for size. In the poxy town I live in we surprisingly have two stores which are perfect for this. Trespass, and Millets. We don't have a H&M or even a TGI's though... anyway. So I stumbled into Trespass and learned pretty quickly that they had a huge sale on. I saw a 66L backpack reduced to just £24.99. I mean, I don't know whether you've ever looked at the prices of backpacks before, but this is a pretty bloody incredible price.
The very helpful chap in there showed me the proper way to wear and adjust it to my size. First you make sure the bottom clips sit comfortably just above your hips and then you adjust the arm holes to however tight or lose you may need it. Same with the adjustment straps which sit across the chest. He also told me that had I have gone for a 80L bag, I more than likely would have been falling over. And also with that you may face the risk of packing too much. Which could STILL happen. 
I'm also part of a few Australian Backpackers groups on Facebook which is a space for everyone to share the do's and dont's whilst exploring the vast country and one of the most popular topics are what size bag is ideal for each journey and the general consensus is the same.. 60L is big enough! 
Have you been away and packed too much? Or even packed too little? Let me know in the comment box below!

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Raven Twigg

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