8 Feb 2016

KEV/LL - "Distant" Single Review

KEV/LL is a 26 year old singer/songwriter from 'the gritty heart of Manchester'. KEV/LL carries the grunge of a Northern Quarter vibe in his new track 'Distant'. Lined up to play Kendal Calling this summer, it's no surprise that folk of the Lake District want KEV/LL to disturb their scenic views with oozing dark electro-pop. KEV/LL has created a void of emotion with 'Distant' spooking his listeners with a raw and genuine track. It's anthemic introduction gives the single a summer feel contrasting with it's ethereal structure. The track is something reminiscent of popular artists The XX. Hallucinogenic and haunting, the 3 minute long single is easily something I could regularly listen to. 
KEV/LL gets a pat on the back from me! I'm intrigued to discover more material like 'Distant' in the near future.

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