15 Feb 2016

Filling the Travelling Void

In 3 months time I'm going to embark on the biggest solo journey of my entire life. After buying my working holiday visa for 12 months and booking my one way flight from Manchester, UK to Sydney, Australia via Abu Dhabi, I still had to return to work the following day and back to my 40 hour working weeks. So I figured I needed something to fill the 3 month void until it's time to leave. I've even been getting excited over 70L backpacks in Millets. Sad, I know. So here's a few bits and bobs I've purchased for the countdown. Off Track Planet's travel guide for the Young, Sexy and Broke is hilarious! I purchased it from Amazon for £10 and it's so worth it. A bunch of friends went travelling together and one day decided to start sharing their knowledge and expertise of the world which they've picked up along their journey. Sections on keeping safe, food, fashion, art, backpacks. It has something for everyone in terms of what they want to see in the world. It quite literally takes you on a journey around the globe as you turn every other page you've landed in another country. Tips and advice on cool things to do and even what not to do, the travel guide has been getting me pumped for my trip. 
I was bought a travel journal. Inside it has sections where you can write all your flight details, reservation details, notes and general day-to-day diary entry space to jot down a narrative of my trip. It's a cool idea actually. It keeps everything together too, and it even has a plastic wallet at the back which is just the right size for barding passes and things like that.

Another thing I have purchased from Amazon is A scratch off map. The idea is just to scratch off where you've visited so far and it made me realise how much Earth there is and how few places I've witnessed and left footprints on. This encourages me to do something about it. There's a lot of world out there to see and a lot of countries to scratch off until my map is a colourful poster above my bed. Look at my shabby attempt!

Lonely Planet's guide to Australia is jam packed with things to do in each different City and destination. Lists of hostels, bars, food places etc. There's even a pull out map to Sydney in the back just in case my pale skin doesn't quite prove that I'm a tourist already. It includes EVERYTHING. 

Keep popping back to read about my voyage across the world.
I can't bloody wait!

Just Write About It.
Raven Twigg

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