3 Jan 2016

My visit to One Tree Hill location, Wilmington, North Carolina.

August/September 2015 saw me and three friends travel the East Coast of America and on our way we came across Wilmington, North Carolina. Home of the TV series, One Tree Hill, Wilmington was probably the most picturesque little harbor town I've ever seen. Located by the Cape Fear River with a long boardwalk and unlimited amount of restaurants, bars, shops and live entertainment, Wilmington would be one place I would definitely recommend visiting if you ever find yourself travelling around The States.

After a little look around for somewhere to eat, unfortunately rules enforced by the State of Carolina meant that we couldn't get served for alcohol with our meals with just our ID's which we'd use at home and were asked to provide our passports (which of course I didn't carry on my persons while travelling and rather have them locked away in my suitcase). But alas! Our short stay in the film-set port town was not ruined as it simply couldn't be. The streets were cobbled like the streets of Lincoln or York, UK and filled with ice-cream shops, cafes & bars and plenty of live entertainment. My only regret about my visit to Wilmington, was that I simply did not get to spend enough time there.
The following morning we took a short drive to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, whilst on our way down to Savannah, Georgia. Unfortunately it wasn't very good weather yet the Jersey Shore vibes of the t-shirt printing stores, arcades and shower-curtained toilets were good fun to explore around for an hour or so. It was a cheesy seaside town were you could have old timey photos taken, henna tattoos, and rides reminiscent of Pleasure Island, Cleethorpes. Myrtle Beach felt like a typical British seaside, but with a nicer beach, of course. Yet it did not compare to Wilmington at all. I often find myself looking at photos I took whilst visiting and although it still looks amazing, it just doesn't cut it justice at all when you've seen it in person. Go there and see for yourself. Honestly, it's SO worth it. 

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Raven Twigg

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