22 Jan 2016

Meet Tala!

Tala is our 9 week old pedigree Husky. She's a little furry ball of terror. She was welcomed into our home due to our other ball of terror, 13 month old Husky Luna, began to misbehave. It's the first time we've owned a husky and knew very little about the breed to begin with. I had no idea they could run up to 100 miles a day, be escape artists, talk and work for you. Our lifestyle means that Luna has A LOT of energy to burn off by the time we get home from work and our eldest dog, 13 year old border collie cross, Fudge, doesn't play with her as much as she would like and need. And so Tala arrived.
We picked her up from a breeder in Lincoln who was lovely and really cared for her pups. Tala was immediately showing character and sass when we first met her and we knew straight away that she would be the one to keep up with looney Luna. And we were right! We were anxious about how rough they play together to begin with yet it seems they're rather content. Tala sleeps in the living room and is kept separate from the others mostly yet we introduce them 3-4 times a day until Tala gets bigger when she'll be able to sleep with them too. At the moment she's a little too tiny. To say we've only had her 14 days she's really part of the family now. In terms of being house trained, she is really good at going only to her puppy mats for both and even tells us she needs to go some times too. We're working on it only being an outdoors thing. She has began to chew much more, and has even cut my nose open my throwing herself at me, obviously not intentional.
It would seem that she has us all wrapped around her tiny paws. Little Tala has recently learnt to climb onto the sofa now that she's a bit bigger yet still can't get herself down without injuring herself.  She's also very good at playing fetch, dropping her toys in your hand and we're working on 'sit'. She is an absolute pig and will eat all of her breakfast, dinner and tea in one mouthful and so we've had to buy a slow feeding bowl for her to calm her down. She's a little ball of fluff and we love her. I can't wait to watch her grow and so I've started filming her on my go pro and will continue to until she's big. I think it'll be cool to look back on how tiny she was when she'll soon be towering over the furniture.
Here's to Tala! Our newest family member.

Just Write About It.
Raven Twigg

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