6 Dec 2015

EP Review Do You Feel Electric? - Miss

When Marty from Miss approached me for a review I had no idea what to expect. I have never reviewed music of this genre before although it is a genre I do enjoy to personally listen to. I was excited to get stuck in!

Miss are an entirely self-producing duo with members Marty Felton and Benjamin Wade creating their unique and electronic sounds in an old photography studio. "Do You Feel Electric?" is the duo's debut EP. Described as an 'exciting new dark, experimental, electronic rock' band from the London/Sussex area. Producing their EP in under a year, Miss have created an easy-to-listen-to EP which is distinctive to them. 
Complete with four seemingly effortless tracks, "Do You Feel Electric?" opens with "Smokescreen" which isn't dissimilar from Kasabian's "Beanz". It's electronic-rock sound could easily be paired with the dark and handsome themes we're familiar with on really masculine car advertisements. It sounds rough and almost macho. 

Next on the EP is "Phantom Pain" which is fantastical, chilled, and ethereal. Thirdly "Do You Feel Electric?" features "Shelter". This track introduces the guidance of keys to their limitless album. Miss haven't stuck to just one specific genre and instead showcase their skills in the musical world. Whether that is lyrical, or the creation and production of each song, Miss prove that nothing is unreachable for their sound.

Lastly on the EP is "Ant vs. Elephant" which gets to the heavier stuff you'd expect from a self-acclaimed electronic-rock genre. It's heavy introduction soon fades out leaving a gentle and rhythmic track. This is my personal favourite on the EP. It's mellow vibes are something I could see myself listening to after a hard day's work. I can't compare these guys to anyone else out there already.

The band are currently in rehearsals and will announce live dates next month. Keep a look out for Miss on iTunes. These lads aren't a pair to be missed.

Find them on Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram and their website here.

- Just Write About It.
Raven Twigg.

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