6 Oct 2015

Brits abroad: struggles in America

After spending just under 4 months in America I quickly realised that there are a few home comforts and yet a fair few striking differences between our British customs and the American way.

1. They don't have any biscuits like we know it. Everything is referred to as cookies. Oreo's? Yeah, they're cookies too. And their 'southern biscuit' is what we call a scone! 

2. There just wasn't any decent tea bags! Well, on British standards anyway. Although I must admit that half way through my summer I noticed that Walmart were selling boxes of 80 Tetley teabags and so my struggle was resolved! 

3. Crisps? No, chips. Potato chips actually! And chips? They're 'fries'. Trust me, that was probably the hardest thing to become accustomed to! 

4. Apparently bobble is not a word and rather it is in fact a 'hair tie'. Who knew?

5. America makes being a pescetarian a struggle in most states, especially Connecticut. It would seem that you can pretty much put chicken with everything, steam it, fry it, boil it. And steaks, they're mad for them, too! It was one way for me to lose those extra pounds though.

6. It's a trash can, not a bin. And rubbish? No no, it's trash! 

7. Hershey's just doesn't compare to Cadburys, AT ALL. And if you see Cadburys in Walmart or a 'Gas Station' DO NOT BE FOOLED!! It is under the licence of Hersheys. It is horrible and it will make you cry.

8. Everyone thinks you know One Direction personally, and that we definitely live like those traditional Brits on Downtown Abbey.

9. Apparently the way we say water i.e; "wor-ter" is hilarious! It once took me a solid 5 painful minutes in a Chinese restaurant until the waitress understood what it was that I was asking for.

10. Dollars. The notes are self explanatory but the coins, well. Even after the months i'd spent, and the money i'd spent there, I still struggled to understand what on earth a dime or a quarter is worth. And smaller coins had more worth than a bigger one. They don't make it easy for you!

11. No one can come to grips with the fact that we simply just don't carry guns. Especially that most of our police don't either.

12. Walkers crisps. Where are the bloody walkers crisps?! Man I struggled.

13. Everyone calls you ma'am at service station check-outs and at Walmart and I literally don't know how to respond ever.

14. You have to drive EVERYWHERE. Nowhere is close because it is such a vast place.

15. A jumper is in fact a sweater, pants are trousers, and play suits are rompers. 

16. Breakfast, dinner and tea is actually referred to as breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

17. They call taps faucets? Like, what even is that?

18. You have to tip, everywhere. Even if the service and food was sh*t.

19. Going to the American National History Museum as a Briton might make you feel uncomfortable. It seems they blame us for every war and don't like us very much at all. 

20. Everything is just so picturesque, even the roads look like you could put it straight into a Tumblr feed.

21. Driving on the other side of the road is very hard to get used to. And being able to still turn right even when it's on a red light is bizarre. 

-Just Write About It
Raven Twigg

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