16 Oct 2015

12 realisations that I'm getting old before my time.

1. My Friday nights have turned into washing clothes and dog walks, and that's ok.

2. I have drank wine 3 nights during the week from a glass (and not the bottle), for leisure and not as a desperate attempt to be intoxicated and drank it whilst alone.

3. I can drink 1 or 2 drinks and it remains at 1 or 2 drinks. 

4. I can count my good friends on one hand.

5. There is a generation who have no idea who S Club 7 are, this messes with my brain.

6. I can actually save up. Properly as well, no dipping into the jar for £10 for the pub.

7. I love looking in the home department of any shop which has one. Just to roughly calculate how much my living room will cost and sketch what it's going to look like.

8. There are people I went to school with who are married and who are mothers of two. 

9. I can no longer remember certain teachers names nor everyone in my school year.

10. I have half of a wisdom tooth. 

11. I still wake up early on my days off work.

12. Things like Clubbercise and Zumba have become the only time I leave the house other than for work.

Being 21 has been a bloody hoot so far! Roll on 22...

Just Write About It
- Raven Twigg

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