19 May 2015

The Strangler Figs EP Review

Image credits: Laurie Parsons
 The Strangler Figs are a self-described alternative rock four piece from Leicester. Unsigned but having played OxJam 2014, gathered attention from BBC Introducing, and with a Facebook following of 1191 'likers' on the bands Facebook page, The Strangler Figs prove to be the popular new guys on the scene. Made up of brothers Joe and Freddie Pickering, Joel Hanson and Rosie May Price the group have landed gigs all over the UK including the time I saw them in Manchester at Matt and Phreds, NQ. Unsure of my feelings towards them at Matt and Phreds, I decided to pick up an EP and have a better listen.
Image credits: Phillip Vernon

First track on the fantastical EP is 'Attack of the Strangler Figs'. The slow-starting track has the vocals of a West End theatre show with a backdrop of a wild forest and ethereal creatures dominating the stage. Extremely British and beyond original, The Strangler Figs have created an EP which is one of a kind. Really, i've never heard anything like it. 'Attack of the Strangler Figs' is mystical and operatic all at the same time. The softness of Rosie's backing vocals adds a childish and fun ingredient to the course of the up-beat song. 

Second on the EP is 'Help Me Please' which continues with the same hallucinative state of confusion the first track creates yet with more of a lead guitar funky presence this time. The Strangler Figs take you on a story through a haunting and mysterious world with just their music. It's pretty impressive to say the least. 

Halloween Gig

Lastly is 'Hugga Wugga' potentially named after some cryptic creature found upon the journey to creating this whirlwind of a theatrical EP? With a heavy symbol presence and a organ-like tune directing the course of the song, 'Hugga Wugga' has a dark imagery about it to mark the end of the EP. I honestly believe you could pick the whole EP up and slot it right into Bowie's Labyrinth and it would be a perfect coupling.

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