2 May 2015

Drones Club - "An awakening, a re-connection."

Drones Club are a self-acclaimed 'post-pop' threesome based in London. The three, Rory Cottam, Charlie Dobney and Louis Morlet are together making an entirely unique cocktail of both art and music. A concoction of logic and relaxation makes the Drones Club like no other band I have ever come across or written about before now.

The group claim that their performance is "an awakening, a re-connection." and their initiation states how  'They demand re-connection to the physical universe.' The idea, I think, is to use the platform of music and the art-house videos featuring on the band's YouTube channel to accompany the attempts they have voiced to create 'pan-social solution to the 21st century problem.' Also from the band's initiation it states that the trio possess 'the belief that, numbed and alienated by modern structures of control, people have become like robotic drones.' Let me explain further, Drones Club aren't just your average indie boy band from London.

At first when Drones Club member, Rory Cottam approached me, I was completely baffled. I loved the first track I stumbled upon via their SoundCloud 'Notion',  yet I couldn't find any information on them at all. Their website was surfaced with fresh and arty images of the human heart, a peach, human flesh and pornographic detail of muscles and veins next to a waterfall-like pattern, and I must admit, I had no idea where to start. There is no information page, no bio on their Facebook or on their Twitter. Which then got me thinking. Is this their point? That we, as a generation, have become obsessed with detail and surveillance that we're actually missing the point.

Then, it got my thinking as critically as I do in my seminars at university, I loved it, I loved the whole concept. Why do the details matter so hugely? 

The London trio's vibes are reminiscent of those 70s Bowie synthesizers. Psychedelic, ethereal, and trippy. Drone Club's vocals are mechanical with a flash into the synth-pop new wave 80s Britain among Pet Shop Boys in the contemporary age. Each of the four tracks on their SoundCloud are completely different to one another. The first track, 'Cabin Pressure' has a dominant and haunting bass which disappears by their second track, 'Notion', where the tempo is much slower and instead directed by the sounds of the electric guitar. Then 'Sphinx' begins and it is again different to the first two prior. The 10 minute track has oriental ingredients, futuristic vocals and a pounding and continuous bass, the kind that makes you nod your head in tune with it. The electronics of the track soon become alarming as though a siren is the mediator of the faint message 'here come the Sphinx' which Drones Club's project is aiming to internationally spread. Finishing with a mega chilled 'It Rolls On', overall Drones Club project has no reason to not be a success.

I'm itching to know more about these guys myself and am 100% certain that you would be regretful to not check out these talented Brits and their ideology behind the whole Drones Club project.

Find their links below, they are even giving a free download via their website at the moment, too! Keep up to date with everything here: Drones Club   Soundcloud   Twitter   FaceBook

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- Raven Twigg.
Just Write About It.

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