14 May 2015

Class of 2015.

I'm nearing the end of my beginning,
With technically just 4 days to go,
I'll exit that exam hall with 30 minutes left or so,
I'll give up on that paper and head straight to the pub,
For a celebratory tequila with all the other literature bubs.

We'll talk about that time Helen stole a student's coffee,
Or the time we were basically hugging garlic bread,
The night I didn't make it to midnight,
And when I came home with a traffic cone on my head.

We'll be sad it's all over,
And talk about where it began,
Wish that we get the grades we deserve,
Especially since we've done all that we can.

So I wish you all well my fellow English scholars, 
It's been a bloody ride,
I hope you all go and earn those dollars,
And hold Man Met always in your stride.

2012-2015 English @ Manchester Metropolitan University.

Just Write About It
Raven Twigg

Just Write About It.

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