26 May 2015

Bad Molly - Silvergold Single Review

Image credits: Charlotte Cartwright
 Bad Molly are a four piece psychedelic rock band consisting of Tyron Freeman (vocals), Sam Cartwright (guitar), Adam Kenny (drummer), and Ben Dutton (bass) located in Manchester. Their single 'Silvergold' sounds as though it is inspired by the 1960s British rock culture, reminiscent of a heavier Pink Floyd. Wearing silk shirts, black leather loathers and white socks, Bad Molly seem to have been born in the wrong era.

Opening with both symbols and bass drum in sync with the electric rhythm guitar, immediately I knew I was going to like it.
Image credits: BIMM Manchester
Until all members come together to create a heavy yet impressive tune with the lead guitar. With no lyrics until 30+ seconds in, Bad Molly establish a confident introduction to their track 'Silvergold.'

With a husky vocal and passionate shouting, I could see Bad Molly appearing in British films such as This Is England and would definitely be a hit at Cleethorpes Scooter Weekend.
Bad Molly have a gained a fan out of me!

Image credits: Kurtis Massey
The band recently played a fantastic set at the Manchester Dot 2 Dot Festival, The Whiskey Jar and are also set to play at The Story Time festival on July 4th.

Check out Bad Molly for yourselves here:
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