28 May 2015

Aussie's Suck!

Australia's No.1 Breakfast has landed in the UK!
You may have seen their hot Aussie, shirtless surfing endorses on the 'Aussie's Suck' posters all over your town. They're in bus shelters, billboards and on the sides of buses. Grabbing my attention with their shredded abs on my journey into central Manchester.

I must admit, I was shocked to find that it was a breakfast shake consisting of wholegrain oats and a milk-based recipe as I thought it was going to be some sort-of fruit juice. 'Grab it and go' is the companies motto as an attempt to share that their new shake is convenient, filling and exactly why Australia have been slurping their goodness since 1999.

I tweeted the company about their easy-on-the-eye male surfer dude's whereabouts to which the oh-so-friendly team at Up & Go responded with 'Ha we will see if we can hunt them down for you, Raven! To help you with your search we'll send over some goodies if you give us your address.' And that was it! I was very excited to receive my parcel. Yet the Up & Go team were even more generous than I had expected and I was sent lots of shakes of each of the three flavours, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. I of course went for the chocolate one first.It tasted like coco pops! It was also so handy for my early morning shopping trip to Hull. So so filling as well, even my slight hangover was feeling rejuvenated. 

The next on I tried the following day was the vanilla one which was similar to porridge but taster much much better and has a thinner consistency. I couldn't decide whether I preferred this one to the chocolate shake I'd had the day before. (must have another chocolate one to decide). 
This was also the same morning that I woke up feeling starving from a night out yet I soon felt full after finishing the carton of vanilla goodness.

I definitely recommend the breakfast shakes! They're extremely convenient for when you have somewhere to be, or if when (like me) you've been out the night before and cannot be bothered to make breakfast. The hardest part is putting the straw through the seal at the top (which of course isn't hard at all). I still can't decide whether the chocolate on or the vanilla one is my favourite. 

You can find Up & Go in Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose and even on Amazon in the UK and they're fast becoming very popular. Thanks to the team for your generosity and good-humour!

Disclaimer: Please note I was gifted these products by Up & Go and not paid to write about them. This review is entirely honest.

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