10 Apr 2015

My American Bucket List

On the 8th June I am leaving the dreary grey skies of Manchester, UK and jetting off to the U.S.A for three whole months of my life to teach journalism on a camp in Connecticut! I have never been to America before and barely out of Europe, and so I am beyond excited for this little chapter in my life.
I have some time to travel before and after my working contract and want to make the most of my time in the States.

Indefinitely, I need to visit Times Square, The Statue of Liberty and Central Park. Three locations that feature in near enough every single rom-com i've ever watched and I can't wait to pretend i'm in a film jogging (who am I kidding? walking..) through the park and travelling on the New York Subway! Everything just appears to be so big and grand in comparison to subtle England and I am beyond excited to feast my eyes on some of the incredible sights America has to offer.

Las Vegas & The Grand Canyon. I think it'd be a huge disappointment if I had traveled all that way and didn't have a 'What Happens in Vegas' influenced night and made at least a $10 loss on a slot machine. I imagine they're fairly different to the slots i'm used to along Cleethorpes beach - arriving back to my hotel (kidding, again.. hostel) in true British tourist  fashion screaming VIVAAA LAS VEGAS! And to see the Grand Canyon, how could I possibly be so close and not see, what is arguably, one of the most incredible sights this globe has to offer. I'm of course going by the movies, and if it doesn't compare, I will be extremely upset.

I absolutely want to find an amazing yet seedy bar in New York somewhere where there is an open mic night, maybe a poetry reading or even a sarcastic comedic New-Yorker performing a stand-up act. Drinking beer out of brown bottles and putting endless dollars in the juke-box by the end of the evening. Yep, that's exactly how I want to be! Maybe end up dancing on the bar in 27 Dresses & Coyote Ugly trend, the latter would have to be very much tequila-fueled.

I'd love to visit a baseball game in Chicago or Boston, with a box of nachos in hand, baseball hat on and cheering for a team I know nothing about! The atmosphere (again in the movies) always looks amazing and I'd love to be a part of that passion. Even if I don't know what's going on! I might even be that lucky one who catches the ball, although I was never too good at it on the Nintendo Wii.

There's no question about it, I definitely need to hail down a yellow cab and chat to the driver about why he's a taxi driver and discover their story. Eat a smore (because I saw them on That's So Raven once and they looked gooood), a twinkie or a corn-dog (if they're all vegetarian of course). I need to take a ride on the subway, and eat a slice of pizza which is bigger than my face. Take a photograph outside every single building I think looks good in true tourist custom, and especially with the naked cowboy - that guy is EVERYWHERE. Meet people from all walks of life. Drink one of those HUGE slush-puppies that I always see on American reality-tv and then complain of brain-freeze immediately. Eat in a road-side diner being served by staff on roller-skates whilst sipping milkshakes out of a stripey red straw. I've just realised that most of my bucket-list is centered around food and drink, a girl's gotta' eat! I know that all of this has been extremely stereotypical of me, sort of like the British eating scones and drinking tea (which, actually, the best of us do)  but it's what Grease, and A Cinderella Story taught me and it's 100% Hollywood-truth. And most importantly, bloomin' enjoy every minute of it!

If you have any tips or advice on where I should visit and what I should get up to during my time in America, please comment below. I look forward to hearing from you!

-Just Write About It.
 Raven Twigg
Just Write About It.

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