7 Apr 2015

Miranda Amess - Song For Mara (Single Review).

Image credit: Rachael Yielder
Raw, emotionally-charged, and compelling. Three words which best describe Miranda Amess' live home-recording of Song For Mara. It is even more fascinating when you read the description and learn that it is actually a live recording because the accuracy in her voice could make you think otherwise.

Amess reveals that the song was written after the loss of a friend of hers earlier on in 2015 and what a beautiful contribution for someone to have dedicated to them. Professionalism aside, it really got me choked up personally myself. 

Self-described Blues and Folk-pop singer-songwriter, Amess has a voice reminiscent to me of KT Tunstall. Her voice is unique and affecting to her listeners and this acoustic contribution is truly a perfect combination to compliment her voice. With the faint sound of the guitar in the background, Miranda's voice is dominating enough to take full authority over the direction of the song and have her lyrics truly heard.

Miranda is based in Manchester and currently playing local gigs in the area. Find her on the following links to see where you can catch this mesmerizing voice performing live!

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Image credits: Miranda Amess
I seem to be crediting Rachael Yielder a lot for my music review posts and so here is a link to her Facebook page so you can check out her work in the Manchester area: Rachael Yielder Photography.

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