5 Apr 2015

April Cocktail: 'The Colour Changing One'

After living in Manchester since 2012, I finally got round to paying The Alchemist a visit. I'm partial to a cocktail and I'm always looking for new places to go where they have an appealing cocktail menu and The Alchemist does not disappoint. 
Served in two chemist-like glass bottles which you pour in one at a time into a glass which has a ball of ice in the middle. As the first one went in, it began bubbling over and I got extremely excited. Then as the second one was added, it turned a gorgeous fuscia colour and really started frothing and bubbling away. It was amazing. Like one of those chemistry sets advertised on the televison when I was a kid only this one was consumable and tasted delightful! 

INGREDIENTS: Reyka vodka, apple liqueur, sugar syrup and a secret ingredient to make a blue mixture. Apple juice, citric acid and soda combine to make a clear one. 

PRICE: £7.75 but so worth it!

Drink with responsibility always lovelies! 
-Just Write About It.
 Raven Twigg
Just Write About It.

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