1 Mar 2015

What i've learnt in my three years of university.

(Aside what is on my degree).

There is no place like home. I don't particularly like my home town, but you have some weird bond with it. You'll defend it forever, but swear you'll never move back there.

A reunion between (wo)man and dog.
You also realise who your friends are. Those who care you'll hear from, and they will visit. Those who don't, well, you probably only hear from them if you text first or if they want somewhere to stay in Manchester for a weekend. It's really hard seeing your friends and family carry on with their lives without you - but life just keeps going on, whether you are there or not.

Big cities are the best places to be in. They are multi-cultured and there's always so many events and things to go and do every night of the week. 

I've learnt that unless people study themselves, then they will never ever ask you about university and how it's going. And even if they do ask, it's difficult to explain that you're not impressed with your 51% but you got 62% on another so you're happy with that - why would they know? They more than likely don't care for the specifics anyway.

Evidence: Sambuca is the worst spirit.
I've learnt how to cook - well, turn the oven on and put things in it. I've learnt which spirits give the worst hangovers (it's definitely Sambuca for the record), and I've learnt how to live two separate lives. No really, you quite literally have to split yourself in half, learning who knows what and who, what slang you can say around those you've met at university as it's only used in your hometown and you had no idea. You build a life and new friends elsewhere whilst still missing your oldest friends the most.

Your pets will never forget you and ALWAYS give you the best welcoming when visiting back at home.

I've learnt that it's impossible (for me) to read three novels a week and that to be honest, i'm no longer that fond of reading - not entirely ideal for an English (BA Hons) I must admit. Maybe it's due to the fact that i'm never able to choose what I read and am instead summoned to the likes of Sylvia Plath and various weird post-modern texts. Either way, I've learnt that reading is the best way to send me to sleep.
University honeys.

I have learnt not to take life too seriously and that it does only ever get better. That change is good and being independent (whether it's doing your own washing or food shop) is the most empowering feeling for an 18-20 year old. 

I've learnt that Mancunians can be miserable beings yet they are always friendly and happy to have a chat - and that a bread bun/butty to them is a "barm-cake".

Hometown honeys.
I've learnt that Aldi and Lidl really are the best supermarkets and I've learnt that girls are mostly messier than boys. That guys are arseholes in every postcode in the UK and not just in DN35.

I've learnt and realised recently that "owt" isn't actually a word. E.g " Do you want owt from the shop?" does not make any sense whatsoever and so us Grimsby folk need elocution lessons. 

Most importantly, I have learnt about myself. It turns out i'm an extremely clean person and am very particular about mess. I'm considerate when it comes to co-existing and I like to drink a lot of tea. I've learnt that I was supposed to be nocturnal and that I have better organisational skills than I originally thought. I am very punctual and very interested in the news and strangely politics which I would never have anticipated. I have learnt that I prefer American literature to English literature and i'm ok with that. 

- Just Write About It
  Raven Twigg.

Just Write About It.

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