14 Mar 2015

The 5 emotional stages of dissertation writing.

Stage one: It's September and you've just started your final year, you've had meetings about your dissertation topic but you've got ages so, just concentrate on essays and exams due just before and just after Christmas instead.

Stage two: it's January... You're called to another meeting with your dissertation supervisor. Sh*t! Maybe I should actually get started now.

Stage three: Class mate: how's it going? Me: yeah it's alright, I've done like 2000 words so I think I'll be fine. Just plodding along. 

Stage four: March arrives, it's time to email a draft of all work you've done so far to supervisor for feedback. Feel rather content with the 6,000 words you've managed to get written down.

Stage five: CRY! SH*T! B8LL8CKS! Feedback = terrible. Life = over. Can't do it. Give up. Order pizza. Goodbye degree! 

Just Write About It.
- Raven Twigg

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