23 Mar 2015

Noughties nostalgia.

As my time at university comes to an end, I can't help but naturally reflect on my life so far. And it all began for me with school in the noughties.
 The following were some of my favourite things to go and spend my pennies, and literally mean pennies on.

Mr Freeze Ice-Pops
Image from fdiforum.net 
Lovely if you got the flavour you wanted, nobody ever wanted to Cola. And when you eventually cut the creases of your mouth by the packaging, that wasn't entirely pleasurable either.

Space Raiders Crisps
Image from kpsnacks.com
10p each on the way to school? I'll have one of each please!

Panda Pops
Image from http://jdu1.deviantart.com/art/PANDA-POPS      
Did anyone else pour it into the lid and then shot it? Starting young!

Choc Ice
Image from representingthemambo,wordpress.com
I used to love these! I wonder if you can still get them.

Chocolate Cigarettes
Image from oldtimecandy.com

I have no idea how these were legal or why they made them - but we loved acting cool buying these from the corner shop!
Candy Necklaces
Image from lillyweddingring.com

I used to love biting half and catapulting them in the playground - oops!
Image from horizoncc.co.uk

Never ask a Briton about the price of Freddo's. From 5p to the now outrageous 65p they charge now!

Actual penny sweets, yes 1p!
Image from cwdcouncil.org.uk
You really could get a great bag of sweets for 50p - how things change!

-Just Write About It
 Raven Twigg
Just Write About It.

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