22 Mar 2015



In the week that saw a flight turn back due to a 'smelly poo', the hangover of the X Factor NZ debate calming, and some chap in 1D shouts stress and walks out on his tour, the world and the UK also saw the following events unfold: 

World News:

25 people were shot dead at the Bardo Museum in Tunis in a cowardly terrorist attack. The most terrifying thing is that it seems that because just one Briton was a victim of the harrowing attack, there was extremely low coverage in the UK. Especially avoiding the fact ISIS are getting scarily closer to home. According to BBC News online, the third shooter is currently 'on the run'.  It is a very haunting time for the West and the fact that a member of One Direction receives more media coverage is beyond wrong.

National News:

Solar eclipse - the ethereal event took place on Friday at 09:23am - stats from BBC News online said that 83% of the UK should be able to watch the rare event - yet typical British weather seemed to have other ideas. Few were able to get a decent view, yet most just saw the same grey clouds were oh so familiar with.
Northern Lights were also seen from parts of the UK - now that's something I'd love to see. One for the bucket list I think!

Local News (Manchester):

The Mancunian rock music venue, The Roadhouse, has announced it will be closing it's doors and will host a final show on the 31st May 2015. Located in the Northern Quarter among many hidden gems to hear some of the best music the North has to offer, The Roadhouse has been hosting events for 22 years. Hosting gigs to the likes of The White Stripes, Coldplay, Elbow, Muse, the list continues, many tributes through social media poured in since the announcement. Guy Garvey, Elbow frontman and Manchester local announced that there should be a bronzed statue appear somewhere in the city of Roadhouse boss, Katy Mountain for her huge contributes to the music scene over the years. I'm all for it!


120,000 at present have signed the online change.org petition against his spot on the headliner's line up. There has been huge uproar about how the people who have signed, and even the creator of the petition, Neil Lonsdale, have never actually attended Glastonbury themselves.
Is it wrong to call this headline announcement 'a musical injustice' - or should we be grateful that such a well established festival associated with a specific genre of music is able to create a diverse line-up to cater everyone's needs?

Radio 1 announce cuts on live broadcasts and the coverage of festivals. There is supposedly a cut from 250 down to 160 live evening sessions per year. The change comes since it was 'approved by the BBC Trust and is being put forward in order to save money' according to sources at NME.

It would seem that music is being seriously reprimanded this week. There is anger raised over tax payers money which provides for the BBC services, including Radio 1 via social media and so the cuts have not been accepted lightly by the general public. Also Madonna became Radio 2 territory. She is just too old for Radio 1's apparent hip & young listeners. Do you think she should still be broadcast over the Radio 1 channel?

Pretty Little Liars. I've been following this series for what is coming up to five years! In Tuesday's episode Alison's trial announced the 'Pretty Little Liar' GUILTY and were one week away from finally finding out who 'A' is. Sleepover plans are in place, and it is more than likely the day my life changes. It is such a big deal to those who have been following the American ABC Family show for all this time. I hear the series is now available on UK Netflix, so you have until Tuesday to power through 5 seasons. Get serial-watching! You seriously won't regret it.

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 Raven Twigg.
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