23 Feb 2015

Wild At Heart - Colour To My Eyes (EP Review).

Up-beat. Energetic. Sassy. Three words which I feel best describe Wild At Heart's EP, "Colour To My Eyes", released just last month over at their Soundcloud page. The Manchester-based 5 piece band consists of female lead vocalist, Olivia Boardman, Jonathan Meaney as backing vocalist and lead guitarist, Liam Lawrence on rhythm guitar, Lawrence Cameron on bass, and Danny O'Donell on the drums and multi-tasking as another backing vocalist. The self-acclaimed 'alternative-rock band' released just the right amount of in-your-face material suitable to hopefully get the unsigned act noticed. Not quite as heavy as their influencers, Mallory Knox, the band's EP was a reminiscent pleasure to review.

Photograph Credits: Wild At Heart
Friend of the drummer, Liam is the newest addition to the band and so unfortunately doesn't feature in the photographs of the five-piece band just yet.
It's clear to hear that the American-rock scene has influenced this British band massively. I instantly thought of Green Day and Paramore as soon as the first track, "Dear Karma" began. Moving onward from the American idiots over to the refreshing burst that was the female vocals which is always a delight to hear from an alternative-rock band. Like most bands from the same genre, regardless of their origins, everything always sounds American-ised yet Wild At Heart manage, fortunately to maintain their British accents and give their listeners a genuine and passionate first track. 
Photograph Credits: Wild At Heart
 "Dear Karma" is a track which my thirteen year old self would have sat on my bed, full of attitude and enjoyed. It's heavy sound and the catchy "Ah-woah woah-oh-oh's" of the chorus get stuck in your head and you can't help but sing along. Wild At Heart have collectively created a consistent fast beat to the track and lyrics Gerard Way would be proud of. Being told to "Eat your heart out" and there is a mention of "knives in the back" which both provide all the right ingredients to entertain a teenage audience world wide. The inclusion of the slow break (1.24 mins), from the dominating electric sounds allow Olivia to take the reigns with her vocals for a short while, until it all comes back together once more and evokes a head-bobbing (yet not quite head-banging) track.

Photograph Credits: Wild At Heart
Second track and title of the EP "Colour To My Eyes"  opens with the assistance of MIDI for a refreshing creation of piano keys influenced by the band's vocalist, Olivia.Which then uses an accelerato technique to kick-start the song after the energizing piano keys. The softer rhythm masked among the heavier chords and quicker drum beats makes for an easy-to-listen-to track. I get the feeling "Colour To My Eyes" would be a perfect post break-up song, yet none of the soppy stuff and equally as energizing as "Dear Karma"" had promised. "Every time I close my eyes I see you" this person in question just wont bugger-off and Wild At Heart let us all know it!

Lastly, but certainly not at all least, the EP finishes with "The Greatest Place To Start Is At The End". Instantly I am drawn to this final track more so than any of the others. This track is my personal favourite out of the three tracks that complete Wild At Heart's EP. It's quieter introduction smoothly moves into a crescendo from an individual guitar, and develops into a progressively louder and higher-pitched tempo than the first two songs had provided us with. The higher-pitched notes stimulate memories of a long summer-drive and a far from self-pitying lyrical context. "You've only got yourself to blame" the undeniably similar British Paramore have provided their listeners with a softer sound which attracts a wider audience than just those rock-lovers of the first two tracks to the band's demo.

Overall Wild At Heart - Colour To My Eyes EP is an enjoyable sound for those who were self-confessed rock lovers in their secondary school days yet still deep down have a passion for the genre. From the contrasting riffs to the many "woah's" Wild At Heart provide us with a fun and revitalizing album that restores my faith in the music industry that people are still able to love and create the music they want, without a team of 50-odd people to help them. The EP gives us an idea of how talented the five-some truly are. Recording each of the three tracks passionately and with great confidence, "Colour To My Eyes" powerfully leaves their audiences intrigued to hear what else the talented artists have hidden up their sleeves for us next.
Photograph Credits: Wild At Heart
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