23 Feb 2015

What us, Lincolnshire Yellow Bellies, take for granted.

Cleethorpes Sea Front

When moving to Manchester almost three years ago, I never expected to miss my home town in North East Lincolnshire. After being extremely unhappy and homesick in my first year at university due to a terrible living situation I was in, I soon got over it by second year. Since my situation changed, I now visit home once every couple of months - a huge difference to the two and a half hour train journey I was making twice every weekend that I could.

Manchester Piccadilly Gardens
Now I love being in Manchester more than anything and have sworn I'd never move back to Cleethorpes permanently unless I absolutely needed to, but there's a few things about Lincolnshire that I will ALWAYS yearn for.

  • First of all, fresh air. When you're used to living by the beach you don't realise how fresh the air your breathing in really is. Take one walk along Oxford Rd, Manchester during rush hour and I genuinely can feel the heaviness on my chest. Nobody else understands this terror - talk about first world problems!

    Cleethorpes 'Dead Beach'
  • With fear of sounding like an ungrateful Westerner, secondly, tap water. Tap water is different in every county depending on where the water comes from. I will argue that the tap water I drink in Cleethorpes is lovely. It's rich in minerals and you don't have to leave the water running for an hour (slight exaggeration) for it to be transparent - unlike the water at all three of the flats I've lived in at university. I find myself bottling up 3 lots of water every morning and putting them in the fridge when in Manchester before I can drink it. For some reason it tastes really sweet and sugary to me, I just don't like it!

  • Thirdly, you can walk in a straight line! No really, you don't have to play dodgems with hundreds of people along the pavement to get to where you need to be.

Manchester Town Hall

  • Next, visiting home reminds me that people own pets and that old people still exist! After living in a predominantly student area for almost three years - you get sick of the same bindi-wearing, Nike-promoting student sights every day (even though I am a student, I don't want us to be taking over the world as they have in Rusholme and Fallowfield). 

  • Another point, people in Lincolnshire smile at one another. We have manners and we will stand aside to let one another passed along the pavement. My experience with the inhabitants of Manchester and Greater Manchester tells me that this is not the case everywhere in the UK.
It really is true what they say - there is no place like home ladies and gents! 
Cleethorpes Promenade
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  Raven Twigg.

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