28 Jan 2015

Make your university flat feel like home!

How to make your university flat feel a little like home.

Now it's no secret that student digs can be a little bit crappy, for want of a better word. Ours was horrible when we moved in and there was no refurbishments made as we were promised. So once we demanded the changes which we expected upon our move -in date, it was time to make our space feel like home (and hide the bars on the windows). 

First things first, you need comfort for those home-sick days and there's no better way than to buy cushions for what I'm sure is a very lovely sofa (if it is you're lucky as the ones I've experienced have been terrible). You can pick them up cheap in Primark's home section or even B&M do a 4 for £12 offer! You'd be surprised how much difference it makes to the room.

I picked these up for £2.50 in Primark home section
 - they look adorable on our doors!
If your kitchen is lacking personality or you have a lot of spare worktop space, a mug tree looks lovely! It's simple but so worth it! And you can get lots of pretty mugs to look at. You can never have too many, especially when you end up drinking everything out of them once all of your cheap glasses have been smashed. The hearts you see on the right are just something little to put on door handles - 3 for £2.50 at Primark home section, absolute bargain!

Signs. Those extremely pointless things which outline what room is what. We have 'Kitchen' on our kitchen wall just in case people get lost in our one floor and one main room flat. And also a cute 'PARTY' sign I picked up from Dunelm in September 2014 for £2.99. It's colourful and fills in what would otherwise be a huge blank space.

The best thing I've ever bought is definitely fairy lights. They're actually just Christmas lights I picked up in 2012 in the January sale, they're just pink and have endless settings on them. I use them every night and when I'm having a drink they have an amazing disco light setting on which is always a winner! They just add colour and personality to a place that otherwise essentially belongs to someone else and will again when you leave. I invested in some more for our hallway too which we use everyday. Those ones are multi-coloured and too cute. 

Bunting. I found this on eBay for £2.50 - it's hand crafted and adds a little flavour. 

Fridge magnets, again it's all about not having big blank spaces, ours is full of scrabble letters which people love messing around with when they visit - and when they think they can spell after some vodkas.

Doormats. You wouldn't believe the difference they make! This one was only £2 at a store in Lincolnshire. Even rugs, just little things you take for granted at home but they all contribute in making your flat, your personalised space. I picked up a fluffy cream rug for under £10 from Pound Stretcher and it makes my otherwise unwelcoming laminate flooring all the warmer and much nicer to look at.

Photos on your walls of family and friends. In the modern world we never have actual photos to hold anymore, instead it's all in a virtual album on Facebook and Instagram and so printing out photos is a nice change. Also add anything local. This I Love Manchester was a tote bag given to me at a Fresher's fair one year - it'll do!

Cover the badly painted walls with ANYTHING! We have signs and even bought a table for £9.99 from Lidl which was very easy to put together (even for me). This lamp was only £5 from Wilkinson's and it makes all of the difference! Even things as little as coasters tend to add a slight homely touch to your rented digs.

Get a pet rock and name him Ross. Here's Ross at home. He fills all of your pet-missing needs from home away from university and he never says no to a party! 

Put your name on your bedroom door - wooden letters were 10p each at our student union. I coloured them in with pretty pink pens and white-tacked them to my door. This year my flat mate bought sticky foam letters and they work just as well!

Happy homes!

Just Write About It.

- Raven Twigg

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