22 Jan 2015

Fluidity - Return to Rock Manchester. 19/01/2015.


When lead singer, Owen Andrews, approached me to write a review for them of course I was more than happy to do so – but the Return to Rock Manchester gig at Gullivers, Northern Quarter, was so much more than I had anticipated from the, then, unsigned band. Accompanied by three other acts, I couldn’t help but feel a nostalgic sense of the local gigs I used to attend in Cleethorpes in my secondary school days. Their sound is similar to The Kooks and a little like One Night Only. They’re fresh, rhythmic and very easy on the lugs. There’s something about Northern lads (and a Scot) and making music which just work well. Up until the self-organised gig I’d only heard one of Fluidity’s songs on SoundCloud but there’s nothing better than the justice served when watching a band perform live.

Photograph credits: Rachael Yielder.
The venue is a hidden gem in the Northern Quarter of Manchester’s centre. Like an old theatre room, a steep and narrow staircase – it’s quirky and indefinitely hipster. It’s safe to say we’re feeling a little bit cool being attendees. The room is almost full and I’m again nostalgic of my year nine gig-going days. Chuffed for them with the turn out, the pints are flowing and everyone’s in good spirits. As they set up the crowd is loud with anticipation.

Photograph credits: Rachael Yielder.
The first song, Take Me Home, has a very British aura. It’s foot tapping and head bobbing – it’s just a shame you couldn’t join in with the words. An up-beat rhythm with a slower break in between, enough time to have a gulp of your pint of Manchester’s best (or worse) bitter ale.

Luke Washington - Fluidity
Photograph credits: Rachael Yielder.
“Tonight is going to be a night of fun, a good time” Andrews promises his crowd as the next song, I Don’t Mind, is introduced. This is the song I recognised from Soundcloud which reminds me of The Kooks – a husky voice with an alternative indie rhythm performed by Joe Wood on guitar, Sass Lafferty on bass, Owen Andrews singing and on guitar and Luke Washington on drums. It goes without saying that so far it’s been an enjoyable break from the likes of Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran we’ve had the unfortunate of being summoned to listen to by every radio station in the UK at the moment. The whole gig has been a reminder as to why artists who can play their own instruments and write their own lyrics as a collective is the best way for the music industry of 2015. The best thing about it is that it is raw, self-organised and the lads genuinely look like they’re loving every minute of it.

Photograph credits: Rachael Yielder.
Military-type drums introducing the next song, So I’ll Say, reminding me so much of Cleethorpes carnival as a tot which marked the abrupt transition to a heavier sound from Fluidity. It quickly pays off to make such a sudden change in sound and proved popular with the crowds sudden burst of energy. Almost as unexpected as when Arctic Monkeys threw AM out there and everyone was dumbfounded for a bit, then loved it.

Next up we were back to the lighter keys with Don’t Laugh, Don’t Cry. A song I still have stuck in my head – its catchy
Photograph credits: Rachael Yielder.
lyrics with an easy-listening beat was the most memorable for me personally. I can still remember the tune, despite how hazy the night may have ended. Its authentic touch compliments their sound and the crowd are treat to an instrumental, as The 1975 would treat us too.

Lead singer, Andrews, introduces the bands next song as “A tune to f*ck to, a romantic” – how typically Northern can you be? This ‘tune’ was What I’ll Need, the bands final song of their set. The guitars have a Jamie T resemblance from his newer album, not sure whether its as it was introduced, yet still there’s swaying, tapping and head-wobbling from the crowd – it would seem everyone is rather fond.

Sass Lafferty - Fluidity
Photograph credits: Rachael Yielder.
Lastly for their encore, the crowd “oooooh” with curiosity when confident singer announces “You wait and see sunshine, you’ll love it”, dare I say a Gallagher-brother attitude? And Fluidity were right to have every ounce of confidence, a cover of Fall Out Boy's –  Sugar We’re Going Down was the bands choice of encore, and a good one at that! Everyone is singing along, it just can’t be helped. It was overall an extremely enjoyable night.

Joe Wood - Fluidity
Photograph credits: Rachael Yielder.
I genuinely wish the success for Fluidity and hope their efforts pay off in the near future. I’m no Jools Holland but I’d say their extremely likeable, confident, and know exactly what they’re doing. Of course the gig came to an end with a victorious tequila slammer, which I of course would never turn down. Since both organising and performing at Return to Rock Manchester, Fluidity have landed an artist deal with and guitar accessories company, Rotosound, and a pat on the back for them! It was very much deserved!

Find out more about Fluidity and have a listen to their material on the following links.
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Or you could even have a nosey at what the boys get up to over on their snapchat account, just add: fluidity_band.

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