31 Dec 2014

new year, new.. you know the drill.

2014 saw my last six months on this incredible Earth as a teenager, ever!
It has been a year welcomed by changes, departures, lessons, deadlines, travels, and break-ups. Yet it's all a learning curve isn't it? What's life about if not to live and learn?

I took part in the Manchester Children's Book Festival and worked alongside some of the UK's best authors. 
I traveled back to Benicassim and got to see my favourite artists perform live in the Spanish heat with a bunch of amazing people (new and old). 
I was able to be a part of V Festival, Chelmsford working as part of the crowd safety team and met so many characters and learnt so many things from another perspective. 
I then traveled to Norfolk Showground for Sundown festival and marked the end of an era in my life with some faces from the past. 
My dad left our house of 20 years in Cleethorpes behind and started a new life elsewhere, my eldest sister was married, and my little brother finished school.
September soon arrived, with a deep overdraft and nothing but photographs and memories to show for it (and two very dirty festival bands I can't bring myself to cut off), and I was back in Manchester, this time as a THIRD YEAR. This time around I promised myself I'd cut the crap, and so far - so good. I began to blog publicly more, I contributed to The University Paper, Manchester and bagged the opportunity to work in America when the time arises in 2015 to graduate university.

I made a conscious effort to stay single and accidentally became very anti-relationship and all for having nothing to distract me from getting exactly what I want in life. Some may think 'oh how very pretentious of you', but the truth of the matter is that in 5 months time I will have finished studying for a degree and will be leaving the country on my own two feet, after that I genuinely don't know. You can go to as many "What Next?" talks from university but no one is going to stand directly in front of you and tell you where you'll be and what you'll be doing this time next year. (However if there is someone out there who could that would be rather handy...)

2014 has been The Year of the Sass. I've gone and done everything I wanted to and now it's time to start afresh. There's no shame in growing apart from one another, our lives go in different directions and something tells me mine isn't heading for a permanent residency back in sunny Cleethorpes. So let's raise a glass to 2015, The Year of the Premature-Adulthood. I hope the hangovers don't get any worse at 21, I may have to rename it The Year of Sobriety otherwise.


Just Write About It
- Raven Twigg.

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