25 Nov 2014


I fight every week to not give in,
to the struggles that third year does bring, 
the stress of dissertations and the worry of exams,
all for a 2:1 at the end (or so I plan).

But really what is it worth?
the piece of paper in my hand?
the physical money, 3 times 8 grand?
the sweat and fears and tears (those unplanned).

Or is it the experience?
mouldy plates and smashed glass,
all so I can look after my own arse?
To make something of nothing,
take the grim out of Grimsby, 
and take me far away to somewhere I can just, be.

Free from deadlines, tutorials and class tests,
free from liberating females debating to death,
free from seminars and lectures and screenings,
free from Freud, Plato and Plath,
free from staining clothes, Lidl shops and £1 sambucas,
free from "oh well, you're just a student excuses..."

just, free to graduate and leave it behind,
to start elsewhere and to be free to unwind.

Just Write About It
- Raven Twigg.

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