20 Sep 2014

And so it begins!

It's September already and i'm days away from starting my final year at university as an English undergraduate. Moved into my third lot of digs in Manchester and it's all feeling very real. I already feel so far behind everyone else on my degree (by my own mind telling me that they've probably read all of the reading list and are 4000 words into their dissertations) yet the reality is, I've barely spoken to anyone about final year over the summer. I've only heard from uni once and that was because they were panicking about Student Finance England taking their bloody time in paying them, but as far as it goes with informing me what i'm supposed to have prepared and expect in final year - nothing!
As i've wandered around the city over the weekend i've felt like i've stuck out like a sore thumb, as the saying goes. There's freshers, EVERYWHERE!! I don't think i've ever felt as old as I do now. I don't want to go to Fifth every weekend, and Factory thursday's are my worst nightmare! I just like a messy one in a bar or at the flat - God i'm a miserable 20 year old! My hangovers are 10x worse and you're lucky if you see me the day after i've had a bender as I just cannot handle it anymore. Which shouldn't be much trouble this year as I swear to calm down and buckle my ideas up to make sure I get that 2:1 at the end of it all. That's why I tried to do as much as I could this summer, A sort of, detox, I suppose. To get it all out of my system, and I think I made a good effort of it! Since my last exam of second year, I have gone to Wales, worked at Manchester Children's Book Festival, V Festival, attended Sundown festival and gone on me jollies to Benicassim. Not to mention my eldest sister, Jemma, was wed! It's a strange thing growing up, you see things in a different light, notice things you may never have noticed before and understand things that were once difficult too. Some might say 'oh you're only twenty', well yes, that much is true however. Every day i'm the oldest i've ever been, so here's to making this final year at university well worth it and getting that 2:1 at graduation! Cheers to that!

Just Write About It
- Raven Twigg.

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