2 Jul 2014

In the words of Oasis, some might say...

Some might say that to be left alone with ones own thoughts is a dangerous thing. And i'm not sure why, but it seems to always be at night time. In the evenings we settle down and gather our thoughts about the day we have left behind us. Others (like myself) try to evaluate life so far, and begin to plot ones future. We are the 'deep-thinkers'. What is it about the moons presence which allows us to be much more in touch with ourselves? - Is it because we are left mentally alone for once? Because the only noise (other than the slamming doors and irritating drunken freshers, which I sadly still put up with), is our own sub-conscious? And as you may have guessed, this was all thought-of at 4AM, so take this as a prime example. Humans are robotic. We turn our minds to the task in hand, work day-in and day-out and always attempt to fill our free time with hobbies or social events. Maybe the most intelligent people in the world, Charles Darwin, Steven Hawkins and the creator of reality television (just kidding, but they are due some credit), are people who are categorical 'thinkers'. It's really quite simple. Your mind can only be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be.

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