15 Apr 2014


So it's my twentieth birthday in exactly 74 days (an Iphone app tells me so), and there's something very daunting about no longer being a teenager.
For the last seven years of my life, obviously I've been defined as a teenager, and been tied with everything being a teenager means.
It's your prime! Your years of finding out who you are, what you like and don't like, experimenting. For some it's having your first part time job or even kick starting your career, for others it's the transition of moving away from what you've always called home to university. Being a teenager means break-ups and make-ups, mistakes but not regrets, rights and wrongs and some bloody embarassing drunken scenes.
Being a teenager can be hard some times! Nowadays we live our lives by documenting everything on social media websites, whether it's Facebook check-ins, Instagram posts, this very blog now, tweeting your obsessions with celebs who will more than likely never respond, and the most recent craze, of course Snapchat. We're judged, and we're stereotyped more than most age groups in the UK, and I think us teens manage to cope with the pressures society holds over us extremely well.
But the countdown to turning twenty got me thinking, do I automatically mature slightly? Is there absolutely nothing different from being nineteen? Are things more acceptable to do as a teenager rather than as a two decades old young lady? And so I've made a pledge to myself, never to count down the days to my birthdays ever again! We can wish our holidays were sooner, but never wish the time away. It's precious. I hereby declare to take every day as it comes and simply enjoy everything that gets thrown at me!
Oh, and if anyone asks my age after my birthday,  I will most definitely be saying "twenteen". I'm so not ready for the real world yet, and so it can wait until I'm finished having fun!
'Coz I'm definitely not through with that yet.

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