12 Apr 2014

So, it looks like i'm back!!

Turns out this early summer break from university has already brought A LOT of spare time to my hands and I have no idea what to do with it.
 And so here I am. Again. 
I used to blog when I was in school and a little through college, but deleted it thinking it was "uncool". But now in retrospect it seems a little bit ridiculous to me that i'm still here writing away and attempting to be creative and just keeping it on a word document on my laptop for my eyes only. Those who know me will know i'm the most opinionated person in the world, and so I wanna hear yours. 
So the first posts will be old posts, in fact some were post-break up from my just-turned-seventeen year old self (some may stay hidden in that case). 
Mainly, this will be my space to share my thoughts, some through the form of "poetry" (or my attempt at), some through free verse, some will be colloquial and just straight-to-the-point as this one has been.
 I just want to have fun with it! 
Here goes nothing...

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