26 Apr 2014

Manchester // Cleethorpes

It's a strange feeling moving away from home. In my own personal experience I went through and am still going through three different stages.

Stage one was definitely the rejection. I couldn't think of anywhere better to be than back home with my friends and my dogs, and of course my family. Everything reminded me that Manchester wasn't home. Even things as little as adjusting to the size of the roads you have to cross, learning when to cross them and what short cuts to take. When the best day is to go into the centre and when is the worst. In my first year of university, I used to come home every other week. I just hated it. The air was heavy compared to the fresh sea breeze I knew, and sharing a shower room and a toilet with nine other people I didn't particularly gel with was difficult. I hated seeing photos of my friends all out together but without me. As much as I despised Cleethorpes at times and couldn't wait to leave, there really was no place like home.
Stage two for me is when you finally start enjoying your surroundings. I mean Cleethorpes doesn't even have a Nandos never mind a H&M and I have Arndale on my doorstep. The clubs are better and the bars are also. I started enjoying being parent-free and my own boss in a way. Cooking for myself, doing my washing, all the little things you take for granted at home. I always helped out at home and knew how to cook before regardless, but I certainly never did it everyday. Your friends find it exciting and keep in contact every other day. They wanna hear about what's going on at uni and they wanna come and visit for nights out. It's always at the beginning of the year though, which takes me on the stage three; not phased.
By this point, you're skint, you can't afford to go out every night like you did in first year and Arndale now is just a place to get lost and angry at slow-walking people. University work gets more serious and your said "friends" forget you even exist. Or simply just assume you've got another life now, which is true, you have, but you still wanna be thought of every now and then. You feel like your bugging them by texting them to see how things are at home and people really aren't bothered about visiting after they've visited once, (even though they say they want to), the truth is it's just a simple "I've been there and done that" attitude by this point. Manchester is sometimes referred to as home now, and as much as I love it and as much as I miss Cleethorpes, I have to make a conscious effort to arrange the next time I go to Cleethorpes otherwise it won't happen. I don't prefer being in one place over the other anymore, although every odd day in the month I may feel homesick, I have revision, or work, or something else tying me to Manchester. And i'm ok with that.
Moving away is probably the best decision i've ever made, i've grown up, i'm independent, and i've experienced so much more than I ever would have done if I was to stay in Cleethorpes!

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