13 Apr 2014

I'm a man so let's shout derogatory comments at women in the street!

Men, look away. Here comes a massively feminist rant.

Literally over the past few days walking around Manchester centre I must have had at least 9 separate incidents where I have been shouted at in the street by repulsive men. 

"Giz a kiss love!" 
"OI, Blondie!!"
are just two examples of the many, and even just general wolf whistles. Quite frankly, it's getting beyond a joke. Not all women have the confidence as I do to just simply say "Go and fuck yourself" in response, and I can imagine its an extremely intimidating and uncomfortable position to be in. 
Really, what would be the reaction if I strolled around Manchester demanding kisses and staring guys up and down with my friends? I'd look like a freak!
What ever happened to being gentlemanly and asking someone out on a date if they liked the look of someone? I can't even remember the last time a door was held open for me.

Back in 2012, it was announced that a law would come in order to make wolf-whistling a registered criminal offence, 

         "Sexist remarks and wolf-whistles could become criminal offences"

were the headlines in The Guardian, but it seems Cameron didn't deem it serious enough to go through with the laws, but would this be the case if Cameron had experienced the vulgar remarks himself? Probably not. It's about time the 'men' of today started using their energies on finding a decent pissing job rather than proving a dick of themselves to the whole female gender.
rant. over.

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